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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 29, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." brussels -- we have a breakthrough. global markets share a plan to stabilize the eurozone after angela merkel makes a u-turn. dozens our debt in damascus after government forces attacked rebels. these gruesome scenes are now the backdrop for tomorrow's crisis of the. more than 60 years ago, tommy got when rose to olympic glory. now, he is watching the next generation.
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welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. could the 19th time be a charm? that is how many european summits have taken place since the start of this debt crisis. the others have failed to produce results, but this one may just have been different. leaders in brussels agreed that from now on, weak european banks will be able to apply directly to the eu's permit a bailout funds. it is a breakthrough, but is it enough? >> during 15 hours of negotiations, it was the german chancellor angela merkel who blinks first. under enormous pressure, she made concessions, putting more of her taxpayers' money on the line to support the europe. it was italy and spain up against her, two countries struggling with huge borrowing costs. the italian prime minister, mario monti, said he would not
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leave the summit without a deal, he would block other discussions. finally, angela merkel agreed to be more flexible about bailouts and to accept direct help for the banks. >> italy has worked a lot and put a lot of pressure at the negotiating table for this result to be achieved. >> what was in the deal? the bailout fund will be able to help banks directly rather than going the government and increasing their debt, but only after a powerful banking supervisor is in place an extra flexibility for the bailout fund to buy government bonds and so force down borrowing costs. the spanish had big smiles, and the italian prime minister claimed double satisfaction, his country having beaten germany at the football. in the future, italy would be able to access bailout funds without tough austerity conditions. back home, some say chancellor merkel had suffered a painful
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defeat. she said she had been able to make concessions because she had one tighter controls over the banks. >> when you have a meeting late into the night, there is a certain risk. we are under pressure from the financial market, and people find themselves in a very complicated situation, so we had a shared interest to find a solution. >> in germany, there were demands for chancellor merkel to explain what was described as a 180-degree u-turn. >> germany alone cannot pay for all the countries. we are not so strong. >> in some years, we all will regret what happens now, and then it will be too late. >> there was another clear message -- in order to save the currency, the euro is moving towards a much closer integration, economic unions, banking unions, political unions. >> summits have come and gone. this was the 19th, but power in
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europe has shifted. the germans are more isolated. italy and spain have found an ally in france. time has been bought, but a comprehensive solution to the debt crisis is a long way off. >> the summer in europe that was watched very closely in washington as well. now, to syria where there has been more heavy fighting and reports of a fresh massacre tonight. opposition activists claim that dozens of civilians have been killed in a suburb of damascus. the news comes on the eve of a major united nations conference in geneva. our correspondent has this report. >> artillery pounds a suburb of syria's capital. regimes trying to seize it back. after the shelling, say
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activists, the militiamen arrived to kill people one at a time. in this house, the bodies of men, women, and children are piled up. three generations. in a rare interview, president assad gave his backing to the united nations peace plan. there was, however, no mention of a united nations ceasefire. be the united states says mr. assad must go. for that, secretary of state hillary clinton leads russia's agreements. coordinating with the russians would be difficult. despite what the russian foreign minister says, so far, moscow is continuing to give president assad material support.
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if so, that is bad news for the united nations peace plan and its offer, kofi annan. he is meeting the permanent members of the security council in geneva tomorrow. it is starting to look like a last-a ditch effort to save the plan. there is no plan b, an alternative to the united nations process. in truth, the violence in syria has steadily escalated throughout the series of international initiatives, and president assad himself has made clear he is prepared for a fight to the finish and is expecting a long war. >> we have seen a lot of drop in cairo over the past year, and today, we saw something quite different yet again. for the first time ever, and egyptian president went before his people and effectively set -- i am one of you.
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he stood before tens of thousands in the now iconic square and read a symbolic oath of office. but it was the way he did it that took egyptians by surprise. >> in front of a huge crowd in the cradle of the revolution, egypt's president to be. it is still a shock to see a member of the muslim brotherhood, a lot for so many years, now standing behind the presidential seal of office. this was the formal part of the speech, and it mostly reassured each of its allies. >> it is not in my brother of or in my right to discriminate between anyone. >> then he pushed aside the security guards and rallied the crowd. he told them he owed his authority to them alone. he even opened his jacket to
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show them he was not wearing a bulletproof vest, that he was not afraid of them. a clear contrast to the remote, almost deliberately arrogant style of hosni mubarak. and a twist at the end -- he called for the release of an egyptian cleric jailed for terrorist offenses in the united states. a signal to washington they know what the -- they no longer have such a plant ally in place in cairo, but already, he has shown egyptians who can mix populism with pragmatism. he is going to need plenty of both as he squares off to egypt's powerful military in the months ahead. >> doing things very differently there in egypt, and impressing those crowds. in other news from around the world, the founder of wikileaks has refused to comply with a
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police request to surrender himself and leaves for london, where he has been saying for over a week. he is wanted in sweden for alleged sexual offenses. he says the charges are politically motivated and is trying to seek political asylum. the brother of shamed american financier bernard madoff has admitted to doctoring documents but said he knew nothing about his brother's multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme until he revealed it in december 2008. he will be sentenced in october. the palestinians held unesco's decision as a step forward in their quest for global recognition of an independent palestine in the west bank. in colorado, searing temperatures along with strong, erratic winds, have made battling the state's most destructive blaze in history
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even harder. so far, nearly 350 homes have been destroyed. more than 35,000 people have been evacuated from the state's second-largest city. today, president obama went to survey the damage for himself. >> from thousands of miles above the earth, smoke pours into the sky. colorado is burning. the flames have lived ever closer to the state's second city, colorado springs. 35,000 people have been evacuated. searing temperatures, low humidity, and whipping winds have provided the perfect conditions for this blaze. >> i was standing outside my apartment, and you could just see the fire coming down here. could not grasp that it was actually real. >> already, homes have been turned into little more than piles of ash. some residents were given just minutes to abandon their homes and nearly all their possessions.
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>> i love my home. i love the area we live in. to think that all of that beauty is gone is so hard wrenching. >> after declaring a major disaster and releasing federal aid to the state, president obama flew to colorado. he saw for himself how fire had consumed some houses, left others untouched. the president was struck by the reach of the fire. >> the devastation is enormous. our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who have been affected. when natural disasters like this hit, america comes together, and we all recognize that there but for the grace of god go i. we have to make sure that we have each other's backs. >> after six days of destruction, firefighters say they are getting to grips with more and more of the blaze. for the first time, there is a note of cautious optimism, but much depends on which way the weather turns.
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>> extraordinary pictures they're coming out of colorado. in northeastern india, it is flooding and landslides which have killed 43 people. about 1 million people have been forced to flee their homes after two weeks of torrential downpours. the monsoon rains causing the flooding to be the worst for more than a decade. mother nature there wreaking havoc around the world. still to come, fighting mexico's drug war as the country gets ready to elect a new president. could be deadly battle be voiced for a dramatic shift? authorities in china say the outbreak of violence this week has now been brought under control. they insist there have been no deaths or serious injuries in the crackdown. john has all the details for us here. >> the injuries are a testament
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to china's swift and punishing response to outbreaks of disorder. while the anger in the migrant community has, if anything, increase. five or six policemen chased and kept on beating and beating me. they did not stop until i fell to the ground, this man tells me. the violence and trouble was sparked in the first place by allegations of mistreatment by the authorities. it has been brought under control by an overwhelming show of force. but it is not the first time migrant workers have dared to step out of line. here in the city two years ago, a strike over low wages brought factories to a standstill. last year, not far from here, and other allegations of mistreatment, this time of a pregnant migrant worker, prompted three days of rioting
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and struggle, and of course, there are thousands of smaller protests and disturbances every year that mostly go unreported. china needs to continue to raise the prosperity of its migrant workers without undermining its competitive advantage. in large part, it is succeeding, but it is a difficult balance. china is not taking chances. it has been spending more on the kind of internal security that has so effectively brought it under control. whatever the grievance, another restless town has been shown that order will be maintained at all costs. >> this weekend, the people of mexico will go to the polls to select a new president. the decision comes amid signs of a historic shift in the way the country fights its war on drugs.
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the army has taken a controversial leader in trying to stop the multibillion-dollar cocaine trade, but in that time, more than 15,000 lives have been lost to drug violence. now, leading candidates for the presidency have pledged to withdraw the soldiers. >> just south of the u.s. /mexican border, a rare sign -- economic recovery in full flow. a strikingly diverse production line, and it is all for export, the kind of work that was being lost to china but is now coming back. >> mexico is, for the first time, cost-competitive with china. not just saying close -- it is even keel. >> what we are seeing here is an export boom. these trucks are queuing up across the border into the united states, and it means mexico's economy will grow by close to 4% this year. and it would be growing even faster, but for one debilitating
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weakness. >> in the home to mexico's knows -- most notorious drug cartel, they are moving bodies. dismembered and dumped in been liner's earlier this month by traffickers laying waste to rivals. the detailed message tells the outgoing president his drugs war has failed. here is more proof. every one of these women has lost a son or daughter or grandchild to the violence. for the group counseling session, you do not need to speak spanish to fill degree. her son died shielding his girlfriend with a recording crossfire. zachary was 21. i'd ask his mother whether the war on drugs can everyone. >> no, not for me. those who want to take drugs know full well what it will do to their bodies. why start a stupid, senseless fight?
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>> the three-way battle between mexican soldiers and rival cartels cost 55,000 lives -- seven times the number of coalition forces killed in afghanistan and iraq. >> the strategy has to be changed. i think that the army should be withdrawn. i think we should quickly put together a strong, capable police force. >> and so, as a war-weary nation goes to the polls, it is no surprise that the fresh-based favorite is promising change. his priority is reducing the violence and to gradually withdraw the army. in juarez, that has already happened. local policeman taking the lead, drug-related murders are down, and we encountered little more than a routine stop and search. just one city on one night, but it just might signal a way forward.
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>> for more on that way forward and the stakes of this week's election, i am joined by the woodrow wilson center's mexico institute. is mexico about to change its direction in the drug war? >> i think we will see a gradual change. whoever wins next -- they have all pledged to try to reduce the military footprint, try to get the military not completely out of the streets, but further out, build up the police, tried to do something about state and local police, and see what they can do in terms of prosecuting crime. all of this is easier to say then to do. i think the current administration might have wanted to do some of this as well, but it is good they are saying it. >> do you think we will see the numbers of people who have been killed in this drug war start to go down? will mexico become a safer place? >> it is hard to tell. the other shift you will see is much more attention to violence. in the past, it has been going
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after the big drug cartels. i think all the candidates in this election have said their priority will be reducing violence, and i think that leads you to different conclusions about how you go about going after these organizations. you start looking at the most violent groups first, not just the biggest, and i think that may be healthy in the long term. >> does mexico have to prosecute this war on drugs in the way that calderon took it on? could they have just let it be? >> i think they needed to do it, and i think they did not have the tools when they started to be as ambitious as they were, so they really started an all-front war against organized crime groups. a splintered them a lot, and i think they realized at the beginning that they did not have the tools to really control all of this, and now, the tools are a little bit better, which is good for whoever comes next. hopefully, the conditions will be slightly different. the vision is to take care of crimes that affect citizens most and try to do it in a way that lowers violence across the
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country. >> let's talk about what will happen this weekend. in 2006, we had a presidential election without was all settled, and in weeks of protests in mexico city. will we see something similar, or is this done and tested? than anything is possible in an election. -- >> anything is possible in an election. but we are seeing one candidate or 15 points ahead. that could close before election day, but if it is a large margin, it will be hard for this to go on a long time. if it comes down to two or three percentage points, there is enough distrust in some sectors of mexico that there could be protests and it could go on for a long time. not likely, but it could happen. >> the mexican economy is booming. it is not a story you hear very much about a lot. does that make mexico a reason that americans should be paying attention to this election? >> very much so. mexico is growing at 4%, 4.5%.
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it is actually quite dynamic, despite the violence and stories we hear about. for the united states, it is our second destination of exports. if the mexican economy does take off at some point, it will have a huge impact on the u.s. economy as well and help u.s. exports and u.s. manufacturing. >> that is the subject these presidential candidates will have to tackle as well. thank you so much for coming in to join us here. we will be watching all those details as we come in on the mexican presidential election. if you like, make sure you had to our website. you will find an interactive diagram with all the issues and the numbers in this upcoming elections, including international trade and drug trafficking. all you have to do is go to / -- to
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last time the olympics came to london, and was very different. post-war rationing was in place, and this factory worker practiced by cycling in his spare time. he came away with two medals, and he has gone to see how today's generation is preparing. >> a spread still left. >> one sporting life time. memories of olympic triumphs which helped to raise national spirits at a time of austerity. 64 years ago, britain's track cyclists took on the world. factory worker, got 11 two bronze medals after training for the event in his spare time.
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you have got the metals, haven't you? >> yes, i am very proud. everyone who took part in the games had that medal. i am a very proud olympian. these mean more to me every year of my life. >> he had first ridden a bike as a grocer's delivery boy. it was his father who urged him into competitive cycling and who was there as his son crossed the finishing line at the olympics. >> where i came to with the metal. i went to my father, a strong, hard man, and he broke down in tears. that 200 miles away, graphic evidence of the way the sport
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has changed. these are the sights and sounds which accompany a four-time world champion from today's sporting in need. olympic gold medalist and clancy trains for up to 30 hours a week. >> i just ride bikes. this is my life. i did not like you ride your bike from 9:00 to 5:00 and go home and smoke a cigar or eat whatever you want. you have to behave well. it is kind of a lifestyle. >> today, he can swap stories with those from a very different era. >> watching you in this work out, i feel very jealous of the fact that you have all these securities. am i could not imagine buying a bike from a shop and taking it to the olympics and getting together with your mates. making the race up as you go along. it is a completely different game. and the two men with the will to win.
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one man whose olympic experience has remained at the core of his adult life. >> bringing the young people of the world together in sporting competition in a friendly way. i live by that creed now. >> that is very sweet. before we go, we wanted to show you a new exhibition of buckingham palace that is nothing short of dazzling. more than 10,000 diamonds are going on display. jewelry that has been worn by british monarchs for the last three centuries. it includes a coronation necklace by queen elizabeth ii as well as a miniature crown that adorned the over thousands of diamonds that was won by queen victoria for her diamond dig -- diamond jubilee. it is impossible to say how much they are worth, but it is beautiful to look at. that brings the program to a close, but you can get updates any time on our website. it would like to reach me and most of the team, you can find us on quarter.
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thanks so much for watching. had a great weekend. -- have a great weekend. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide
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